Synthetic ice rinks
Ideal for all seasons

ICE SYNTHETIC Ltd - exclusive distributor of Ice Magic International Ltd for Bulgaria and the Balkans

ICE SYNTHETIC Ltd presents synthetic "ice" equipment of Ice Magic International Ltd, with over 700 installations since their creation in 1998.
Installed very quickly, our products are perfectly suited for permanent and temporary use, including:

  • public and private rinks and other facilities with synthetic "ice"
  • sporting events
  • recreational activities and shows
  • trade fairs and exhibitions
  • corporate events and presentations
  • promoting products and ideas
  • private parties
  • Christmas and other themed events.

Our synthetic „ice“ is is a real alternative to real ice, regardless of location, climate and season, with significantly lower costs.

Advantages over real ice:

  • without expensive, bulky, noisy and polluting ice generators and coolers
  • no cost for fuel, electricity and water
  • without risk of melting ice and the demolition of the surface layer of ice and the need for their recovery
  • without releasing the pollutants into the environment,
  • significantly less time to install, dismantle, move - a few days
  • significantly lower operating costs,
  • longevity slide,
  • safe skating
  • guaranteed year-round skating.

Current operating costs are significantly lower than those of ice generators slides, which provides our clients an excellent opportunity for additional profit, which becomes even greater given the kind of year-round use of synthetic slides. Panels installed almost instantly (as opposed to the long installation and real icing on ice), are ideal for indoor and outdoor - throughout the world. In practice there is no temperature tolerance for Ice Magic ® synthetic "ice" facilities. They will not warp, splinter or corrode and work in all weather conditions. Our synthetic "ice" is responsible solution for those who protect the environment and have a passion for skating and other ice-related activities and entertainment. Made of high density polymer with the latest technology, our synthetic ice rinks offer authentic and truly memorable experiences. They do not need energy at all, only by your energy when skate! Adaptable to any shape capable of original design and custom graphics on the surface, our slides can be installed anywhere and be used in rain or shine, hot or cold. All they need is a hard, flat and leveled surface.

We provide a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to offer year-round and non-seasonal attractions beyond its audience. Our flexible facilities are excellent for family use. After the Ice Magic , with its synthetic ice panels, was elected as a partner of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, we from Ice Synthetic Ltd, as their exclusive distributors , hope that this level of approval of the quality of our product will give you confidence to seek bid for your specific needs. We will take care to provide adequate service for each request.

Ice Magic ® has an implemented and controlled system of Quality ISO 9001

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